A lawn mower is commonly referred to as a grass cutter. The purpose of using the machine is to cut the grass surface to an even height. There are different kinds of lawnmower machines available in the market, and you can choose the best one according to your needs. It is impossible to prune the grasses of your landscape areas manually and you need some tools to prune the grasses. In this case, you can choose lawnmower because you can operate it by electric power, and you do not need to invest any manual labour to maintain your garden. 

Different Types of Lawn Mowers

There are many kinds of mowers in the market, and each one is built f to suit a particular purpose. For example, the smallest ones are meant for use in the small lawns and garden areas, and you can buy them for your residential landscape areas. However, you will need a more prominent and powered push-mowers for more extensive lawns and garden areas. Riding mowers are much bigger in size and almost look like a small car. You find them being used in vast lawns and larger properties like, commercial landscape areas and playground where one has to mow extensive areas at a much faster speed. The largest of the lawn mowers are multi-blade and designed for working on municipal parks and golf courses. 

The Power and Blades Of Lawn Mowers

The lawn mower machines rely on their power and the kind of blades used. The operator can adjust the height of the grass to be cut. In manually powered mowers, the wheels are connected to the cutting blades, and when the mower is pushed forward, the mechanical connection makes the blades spin and cut the grass. Typically, a one-cylinder internal combustion engine is used in smaller mowers. The larger lawn mowers are either self-propelled or ride-on mowers. People with bigger lawns will, can choose more powerful mowers to cut the grass on the larger areas. The riding lawn mower is just perfect for them as it takes care of all their needs. A robotic lawn mower operates on its own or with the help of remote control. 

Rotary lawnmowers usually have a single blade that rotates along a vertical axis while the cylinder or reel mowers carry a multiple blade assembly that rotates along a horizontal axis. The rotary mower designed with horizontal blades that cuts the grass below as it meets it.  A bag attached to the deck gathers all the cut grass. Self-propelled lawn mowers use the motor power to turn the wheels. Typically, the basic lawn mower parts are the same in different mowers and do the same things to work right. There is a motor, manual or power, a rotating blade, a means of getting around the grass and a bag to get collect the grass clippings. 

How Would You Use Lawnmowers?

Read the lawn mower manual carefully before you start operating. When working with a lawn mower, one should keep the safety aspects in mind. If handled carelessly, there are chances of injuries as these mowers work with extreme velocity and energy. There are stories of how those blades have resulted in injuries to a careless user. Every year, thousands of people get hospitalized because of accidents due to lawn mower. So, use the mower carefully and always wear protective gear such as heavy footwear, hearing protection, and eye protection when working on your lawn. 

As lawn mowers are very noisy, they can cause significant noise pollution. If you work with them with no hearing protection, you may suffer hearing loss over the years due to noise exposure. Hence, maintain all safety measurements while you use lawnmowers.

Published by Zoe Sewell