Have you ever wondered what girls sacrifice to stay beautiful all the time, to make sure that men find them attractive and in fear that if she doesn't look good her Prince Charming will slip away? How many hours and how much effort are put into the preparation: hairstyle, make up, manicure, pedicure, choice of clothes, etc - just to catch attention and turn heads.

Society dictates to the girls today that the way you look defines who you are and although it is undeniable that the looks are the first triggers that attract people to each other, I often wonder if it really is just the looks or is there something more?

Today, I have asked a few men from different cultures, backgrounds and ages to share what do they find attractive in a woman. Personally, I enjoyed receiving feedback and comments, as they truly show that there is more to a woman than just her looks and I hope you enjoy the read: 

1.“A woman with genuinely good intentions, who seeks enlightenment or is already enlightened.”

2."Like most men, I am attracted to what I see first and foremost. However, this changes very quickly once I start speaking to the girl in question. There are multitude of different aspects that attract me to a certain girl but the most important factors when I first approach her are the following; her smile, her eyes, her laugh, and how easy it is to hold a conversation.”

3.“I love a woman who can talk her mind, do her own thing and a lot of spontaneity!”

4.“To be honest the first thing I look at when I meet a girl is her face and her body then in more detail her eyes, how expressive she is her smile and her laugh, and how people behave around her if she makes people smile and she is at ease.”

5.I find the feminine stubbornness very attractive. When faced with challenges that may threaten the ones they care about, they do their upmost to come up with a solution. It may not be perfect or even work, but the simple willingness to put in time and effort out of affection alone is very attractive.”

6.A woman’s most attractive quality is her confidence, for men react to the presence of power. If she masters this trait no man can fool her with kind words and empty gestures

7.Despite her looks well I'd say, basically what she has in her head. A girl that has great level of knowledge and can keep up a nice conversation can be attractive (you sort of fall for what she talks about more than what she looks like). Also, I personally appreciate a girl's independence-ness and when they blend in with all your friends and do not try to steal you away”

Ladies, be careful, sounds like being dependant on your man 24/7 might actually be a turn off for some men. So, give your man some space, let him have some time to watch football and  hang out with his friends at a sports bar. It is important for a man to see that you are also willing to spend time with his friends as well and integrate well in the company. Sounds like the more you try to keep him to yourself, the more he wishes he could run away. Be yourself and let your man be himself, that is the beauty of any relationship when two people can be absolutely authentic and true to each other, honest at all times, especially when it gets tough.

Ladies, I hope you have taken away something from this little story and gentlemen thank you for sharing your thoughts and for having so many different reasons to be attracted to a woman beyond the looks.

Published by Karina Saakyan