Having to use up 1 hour to make up is commonly found in many women. Personally, I am a very sort of woman who is forever wanting to look good but lazy to do almost every possible thing. I watched a lot video online teaching people how to do make up and is almost beyond recognition for the before and after.


Personally, I prefer to look almost the same. The only difference will be having to look for fresher with make up. Certain make up skills is so good that you can't tell it is the same person anymore. But what is that for?


Anyway, to cut short my make up time from 45 minutes to 20 minutes, I done some semi permanent makeup which my eyebrow and eyeliner.




So I basically save all the time from trying to draw a shapely eyebrow and having the inner eyeliner to smudge after few hours. The tedious part to went through was the eyeliner tattoo the aftermath effect. Tears uncontrollably just came from my eyes and my eyes went swollen for  3 days before the whole episode subsided. Besides that, I also done eye lash extension. I had been to a few places for this eye lashes extension service and turns out Black Swan got it all!




Above photo was the first touch up after 2 months. Sadly for some reason, my skin didn't take in the ink and color faded quite fast. For this time, Rebecca went over at least 6 times and with strength in order to ensure the color sits. 


I stumble Rebecca's shop by chance after my eye lashes disaster from another place. Rebecca was kind enough to squeeze some time out despite my last minute request to help me with my disaster. Thereafter, I frequent Rebecca's shop. Rebecca unlike a lot usual shops, she never hard sell or psycho customer to buy packages. It is out of their own will. If you fear about hard selling staffs for the services that I am going to introduce in this blog, then needless to worry. Rebecca never hard sell. so feel free to pop in. 



The shop name is Black Swan and has got 2 location. In Serangoon and Bugis. I would suggest you to visit Bugis outlet as it is brand new and so much more spacious. 

Bugis Cube 470 North Bridge Road #02-1A Singapore 188735 (Tel:6837 0408)


Call the number for appointment or otherwise call Rebecca 8198 2346. 



The eyelashes looked natural and best of all, it feels likes it own. I never feel heavy with them on comparing to those I tried before. 


So call Rebecca now for an appointment. 

Natural Eyelashes S$88 (usual S$98) - 70-80 lashes

Volume Eyelashes S$118(usual S$128) 80-120 lashes


These lashes last amazingly long. It last me for 1.5 months before I need to replace with a new set and Rebecca didn't charge me for the soak off. For a pair of lashes that cost you at most $118 and last you 1.5 months, it's really worthwhile. Glue used are from Korea. 


Besides the eyelashes services, Rebecca do gradient eyebrow at S$338 (usual S$480) comes with a free touch up. They took 1.5 hours just to shape my eyebrow. I would say they are very patient with me and my requests. 


Lip Tattoo S$338 (usual S$380, free touch up)

Eye liner Tattoo S$338 (usual S$380 , free touch up)

Freckles removal S$268 (usual S$380)


If you still wondering where to do a lasting eyelashes, Black Swan is the place you should go. At Black Swan, it all recurring customer as Rebecca treats us all like a family friend instead of a customer. No hard selling, no force selling. Rebecca also have employees who are patient and caring. Winnie is one the most patient lady I met for doing eye lashes. She took 2 hours just to fix them and eventually it lasted for 1.5 months! 


So try calling Black Swan today.

Published by Gladys Yeow