"Half the leaders I have met don't need to learn what to do. They need to learn what to stop." ~ Peter Drucker.

Leadership: The position or function of a leader. A person who guides or directs a group. The ability to lead. An act or instance of leading; guidance or direction.

Are you a good and fair leader?

Are you an effective leader?

What are the qualities that make a good leader?

How do we learn to be better leaders?

Are you a great leader at work, but struggle at home with the kids?

What can you do to improve your skills?

Who are the leaders you admire most?

What attributes do they have that you can emulate to improve your skill set as a leader?

What habits do you need to STOP to make you a better leader?

Great leaders are dynamic. Great leaders recognize the need to increase or decrease the level of input in each and every situation.

How can you improve your effectiveness as a leader today?

What can you do more of to have a positive impact on those you lead?

How do those you lead relate to you?

Do they think you're a good leader?

Published by Kristy Hunt