Metal fabrication is not a new concept in the industrial field. However, it is true that the process of metal fab has improved with the passage of time. New technologies have made the process of metal fab more advanced and better for sure. Like we know, the process of metal fab involves three major steps, which are- cutting, bending, welding, and assembling. In the present time, steel fabrication is being used in a wide range of industries, from automobile to construction. Industries need to fabricate some metal sheets to make their products and through this metal fabrication process, people can easily bend and design the products according to the company needs.


How does the metal fabrication work for different industries?


Steel poles these days are needed for a number of purposes, such as traffic signals, street lighting, signboards, custom decorative poles, etc. In order to obtain steel poles of desired length and shape, the process of fab is used. 

  • Big industries equip themselves with all the necessary tools and manpower required for the purpose of fab. No doubt, modern and expensive machines are needed in this process.
  • On the other hand, small and mid-size companies prefer outsourcing their metal fab requirements to other companies. If you browse through the web world, you would come across a number of metal fab service providers.

Vital aspects of steel and pole fabrication explained


The fabrication of steel needs two things- skilled technicians and modern equipment. In order to shape the raw components of steel, the technician should have all the necessary skills and knowledge regarding the handling of the machine. Below are the details of the 3 main processes involved in metal fab.

  1. Cutting- Nowadays, CNC machines and CAD machines are being widely used in this process. CNC stands for Computer Numerically Controlled, whereas CAD is the short form of Computer Aided Design. When these technologies are equipped with laser machines then the accuracy of metal fab increases exponentially. So, when you look for a metal fab service provider, make sure the company has CNC powered laser cutters. The quality of finish and precision delivered by these laser machines can surely make your end product much better.
  2. Bending- Apart from cutting, bending is the other method used. In this process, either machine or manual power is used. It depends on the nature and complexity of the project. If the steel sheet or pole is thick enough then electrically or hydraulically powered machines are used for bending the material. Through this process, a company can bend the metal sheet to make the product shapes.
  3. Assembling- The processed parts of steel are assembled together with the method of welding. In case the parts are not heavy enough then instead of welding other methods can also be used, such as binding with the help of industrial grade adhesives or riveting. Finally, fabricators also do some finishing works on the metal sheets and they assemble different metal equipments to make the products.  

How to hire a steel or pole fabrication company?


  • Experience- No doubt, experience is the most vital aspect that matters in this field. Fabrication of steel sheets and poles in the right way requires good amount of experience, particularly when it comes to handling CNC and CAD powered laser cutters.
  • Equipment quality- The best machines when driven by experienced hands always deliver excellent results. So, check out the facility of the metal fab company before finalizing it.
  • Workforce- The metal fab company should have a decent workforce, so that it can complete your project with the set deadline.

So now you can choose the fabrication company according to your needs and make your product designs with their advanced technology. 

Published by Justin Jersey