Do you ever wake up and think “What’s the point today?” Because I do.

Even when you are focused on your work and fighting to reach a goal, or to challenge yourself, you have bad days too. Bad or… sad? Perhaps. You wake up just thinking “coffee please” and sit down next to the window with your hot cup in your hands, looking at the trees beyond the glass.

Do you also have a day like this? Well, let me tell you what works for me:

I put my headphones on, enjoy my coffee, and then stand up and decide to fight back any sadness beating in my veins. If I need to get rid of some bad vibe, I go running until I feel exhausted, then come back home, feeling good as new, and forget about any sadness.

Because “sadness” is a very dangerous, infectious and degenerative disease that infests you slowly. Stop it. Stop it now. Don’t let it take control. Do something. Be the owner of your mind. I thank God I have another day, another chance, a beating heart in my chest.

And hit the road. No one is going to fight your war. There's no excuse, no complaint.

Enjoy your day, it’s not coming back, whether if you appreciate it, or not.

Published by Mar G.-Amorena