Do you stand against the crowd? Phinehas was such a man and God honored him above the rest. He alone is mentioned as a hero for God in Psalm 106. As the vast number of the Israelites watched, a man entered the camp with a Midianite woman and took her into his tent. In essence he was “thumbing his nose” at God’s righteous standards. He paid for it with his life when the zeal of the Lord took control of Phinehas’ heart; he “took a stand and intervened,” killing the man and the woman. The Israelites had a choice: take a stand and be counted for the Lord or just ignore the sin before them. While others stood by and did nothing, Phinehas stepped “up to the plate” and for his zeal the Lord rewarded him with “a covenant of a permanent priesthood,”

We can learn something from this story that will impact our lives;

  1. faithfulness to the Lord is rewarded
  2.  God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.
  3. We can observe sin and do nothing and sin will reign supreme OR we can become zealous for purity and righteousness.

How do we move from just being a spectator to a participant? Like Phinehas, the Samaritan woman or Andrew we live out: “Let those delivered by the Lord speak out,”[Psalm 107:2]

Beloved, are you willing to be one of these mighty men or women of God filled with zeal for Him?  Or do you just stand back waiting for someone else to take the lead?

Discipleship is costly but the rewards are eternal.

Published by Gaye Austin