Learn From the Skeptic



We are saved by the courage and blood of Jesus. We were made to feel the heat of Hell and we ran for shelter. The relief was immense and tangible. We wanted to tell many others of the new beginning and newfound intimacy and trust.

But the skeptic down the street knows of the cost of commitment to the ethic of a one-way Jesus. It is about ruler-ship. Who will be King here? That man has his habits and friends and ambition and false dreams. He is not about to give up any of it and refuses the offer…at least for the time.

How many who call themselves Christian have over-looked what the skeptic knows. They go to their congregational parties and congratulate themselves on the righteous lifestyle that they have parroted, the good fellowship they enjoy in the team.  But when the test comes, who really is the King?

Sovereignty of God, of Christ has not been preached. They nearly collapse in adversity. If the pastor teaches them of stern duty they cringe. But if he has constantly gone to the loving, courageous Man of the Gospels, they love in return.

And love causes us to climb mountains, swim seas for the pleasure of the sovereign Beloved. It never fails (1 Corinthians 13).

Published by Doug Blair