It is a new morning, the new day, the new chance. What's the first thing that has become part of your imagination today? What's the vibe of it? Will it drive you to the right direction?

Sometimes it is hard to control all these threads, especially when you are not sure from which point it come. There is a lot of different factors participating in a creation of your sphere. The crucial skill is driving.

When we said driving, don't think of driving a car, it is about driving your vibes, your energy, minds, and so on... in one word said - driving yourself. Looks easy, ya? But usually, it is not, moreover it one difficult process that you should pass.

What I can give you as advice is to starting listening yourself, feel your body deeply and try to connect to all your cells. It is simply to say but if you persist, for some time you will be connected and there is a start of your road.

I am quite sure you heard a thousand time "Belive in yourself and you will success", but it is true, believe me. In this thought, the crucial moment is not to say or to image it, it is about feeling it deep inside. Try yourself! And don't be surprised if you fail but just keep trying. And, believe me, once you success your desire for the drive will be stronger and stronger.

Keep your head up, and go for it! Don't be afraid, but also do not let the failure pull you down, look at it as a new battle that you have to get.

Good luck!

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.


Published by Katarina Todorovic