Nobody can prepare you for parenting, be it your first child or second. Some things might come easy to you and some things you just cannot handle. All you can do is learn and grow. The only one that can teach you how to take care of your child is your child and the only tool your baby has, to tell you something is by crying.
This is what I have learned from my experience as a mother. I am no doctor and have no PhD in kids, all I know is from my experience. I had this mental list (compilation help was from my mother-in-law) and I used to tick them off one by one, it made my life bit easier. :)
The  kid in initial 6 months basically cries for 8 reasons:
1. Hungry!! Feed!! Feed!! Feed!!
They are constantly hungry because they take feed in small amount. They cannot have too much at one time, mainly because they get tired of sucking. Sometimes the mother's milk is not sufficient, don't panic, eat something stop worrying-take some rest and when next time your baby is hungry you will have enough milk.
2. Wanna Pee!!
Whenever my daughter was about to pee, she used to cry. Not a small uncomfortable cry, but like the whole world is about to burn, kind of cry. In the beginning it used to scare me, that she might be itchy or have problem peeing but after multiple trips to doctor and observations of my own, I realized she is just not used to the feeling of peeing. Motherhood!!
3. Pooping!!
This was another reason she cried, because she did not want to go through the work that requires pooping. Once she was done with that, she did not like being unclean and unhygienic for the small amount of time it took me to clean her. Which brought down another big huge cry from her side.
4. Abdominal Pain or Gas problem!!
This was one of the other big reasons to cry. We as adults sometimes have acidity and gas issues and so does the kids. When we as adults sometimes get severe pain due to it, what would you expect from a newborn. For this, I used a homemade remedy told to me by my mother-in-law. Simply mix a small amount of Hing powder (asafoetida powder) in lukewarm water and apply it on his/her stomach and abdominal region. This used to calm her down.
5. Sleepy!!
How will your kid tell you that he/she is sleepy? By crying of course!! Solution: put them to sleep. Easy?? You Wish!!
6. Feeling Hot or Cold!!
Sometimes kids cry because they are feeling hot/ cold. I learned this the hard way (my husband might say, I still haven't learned), that your kid has his/her own body temperatures. Simply put, if you are feeling cold, it is not necessary that your kid is too!!
7. Scared!!
They are kids after all. They get scared by simple noises like that of pressure cooker and thunder. Hold your baby and sing to them softly, even if you are a bathroom singer like me, nothing calms a baby more than the voice of his/her mother.
8. Teething!!
It came a bit later, when she was 4 months old. But again my mother-in-law came to my rescue. She gave me an Ayurvedic medicine- BC21, I have heard a few mother say it did not help their kid so make sure you consult a doctor before trying. It helped me and made teething a smooth ride for my daughter and me!!
These are the basic reasons which made my daughter cry, of course, it is not necessarily applicable to each and every child. Yet no harm in trying!! :)
Happy Motherhood!! :)

Published by Vipasha Bansal