Sunday, June the 18th, 2017, was supposed to be the date of my graduation convocation. But it's not anymore and I hate hate hate the professor who failed me in my last course. I hate him so much that I refuse to even look at him when he walks past me. I know I sound like I'm bitter about it and I suppose I am holding a grudge. He destroyed many of my dreams when he gave me that F; graduating with my close friends, feeling like a success that I've done it and graduated from engineering school, having a chilled summer without worrying about exams and the like. Now, because of him, I'm repeating the course and have to wait for six months for the Fall batch to graduate so I can graduate with them even though I'll be getting my certificate at the end of the summer. Yes, I know that everything happens for a reason. Yes, I know that  this is most likely for the best. But saying these things and believing in them 100% is hard and what's even harder is moving on. Moving on from my anger, moving on from my disappointment and sadness, moving on and seeing that hopefully I'm going to emerge out of this a much better human than when I went in.  


Published by Jinan H