Well, however weird it might seem, it's actually difficult to do it (I'm talking for myself ).
Right from when I was a child , I've been told things are supposed to be in a certain way, that there is something called 'facts'' which are unquestionable. As I've grown up, I've learnt questioning is important. I thought I did question most things before treating them as facts, but it turns out there's much more I ought to question! All this thinking comes from discussions we've had in design studio. The realisation that I think a lot less than what I ought to /can was at first strange, but now it feels empowering. There needs to be the thought of 'why'' behind all that I do and design .
And, I'm trying to do my best!

Call them shackles,call them chains
Call them limits, call them constraints.
You call them that.
You gave them the power!

Who said there were meant to be limits 
To anything you ever do?
Who said you ought to think 
Why something isn't possible?

You'd say it was your parents or teachers or any other being around you,
Of course , you'd love to stay deceived.
Even when the truth lies bare -
All this time, it was just you.
It's always just you.

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Published by Smita Patil