Hey everyone!

As this is my first post over here I wanted to share with you something big in my life, to start us off. Something a few of you may be going through yourselves. So, its the end of an era. I've left college. For the past three years I’ve been studying vocals and music at a college in Manchester, and as of this week it was time to leave. I will dearly miss some of the people I have met and the times I have had there especially the teachers who made lessons fun and pointed me in the right direction to knowing what I want career wise.

College has taught me a lot and I’ve changed big time through the ages of 16-19 so looking back I’ve come up with a list of 5 things I will take from the past three years.

Number 5: How to make friends!

I started college knowing no one at all and I am an incredibly introverted person who tends to keep herself to herself, so in the first year of college I was thrown in at the deep end. I somehow managed to come out with a few really lovely people in my life and I’m not afraid of leaving a few behind…

Number 4: Confidence

I have always known I loved to sing but studying it in college and having to stand in front of people and perform every day was terrifying. Especially against some people who are incredibly confident. Through the past three years I would say I have managed to acquire enough confidence to talk to new people and put up some videos online of me singing and perform a good few times which is all I could have asked for. As well as this grow as a person and be more confident in myself in my every day life.

Number 3: Stand up for myself

Being in college, especially a performance one means meeting a lot of incredibly confident people who aren’t afraid to speak their mind. As I said before this totally wasn’t me and people seemed to think I was a bit of a push over which has knocked me a few times over the years but now I can happily say this doesn’t bother me as those who are true friends are the only ones that matter. If any of you are going through this, please remember its not quantity but quality. 

Number 2: What I want

At college I started out not too sure what I wanted to do career wise but knowing that I enjoy singing, and writing and anything media related and while doing my course I took extra media classes to learn more about magazine and media skills and decided more than anything I want to write for a living.

Number 1: Who I am

At college there has been ups and downs and times where I’ve loved it and hated it but I have grown up so much and found some true friends and built amazing relationships and skills and found out who I really am and what I want to do and now I’m ready for the rest of my life.

So next off here goes uni, and living a little more. I hope you have all enjoyed reading my list and maybe even relate to some of this yourself, if you are waiting on results yourself or finishing college or school I wish you luck for your next en devours. Laura xx

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Published by Laura Sykes