I am not a movie critic, nor does my opinion stand for anything other than my own thoughts. I wanted to come off the beaten path for a minute today because while eating lunch a couple of hours ago, I decided to sit down for a movie to get my brain jogging for my next blog post, this is typical of me.  I had been scrolling my netflix account for something interesting to watch with decent reviews (sometimes I will subdue to movies with really bad reviews) but this time round I wanted something "different" than my usual.  I had passed this movie multiple times on different occasions and on each occasion I was tossing back and forth as to whether I wanted to watch it or find something different and each time I would skip it and find something else, why? no particular reason but I think it was because I didn't know what to expect from it, normally civil rights movies really get me worked up sometimes and I just have this emotional bone that cringes when I have to hear the word "nigger", "nigga" and negro being thrown around while watching humans beat other humans to a bloody pulp without remorse for their actions. Yes, I did just mention the 3 "N" words and normally I stay away from them, as I do not like any of them, but because I feel as though it is relevant to my post, I will just say, I hope it did not offend anyone, as I know most people are like myself and do not say these words.  If it does offend you, I suppose it is best to not read any further because I am not sure I can promise to hold back my emotions and I would much rather my audience not forgo with reading this if they know it will anger them by the use of the words (although I will try to sustain from the use of these words the best I can because I can hardly stand typing them).  Also, if you have not seen this movie, then I do not want to spoil it for you, so please do not be angry with me if I give information about the movie and you have yet to see it, it is probably best to watch it first before continuing on.  


I was not born a slave, nor have I had to call a man master. I was not in an all black school, nor do I know what it is like to have to be beaten day in and day out in order to make a living and not know what tomorrow may bring. Picking cotton was not my day job and I did not have to watch my parents endure pain while I was taught to obey and pay no mind. The lesson to be learned here is, I was not the reason for why our country united, I was simply the result of what happens when people take a stand for something they want changed. 


Based on a true story about a man named Cecil who went from being a boy on a cotton plantation having to watch his father be shot in the head as he was taking a stand against the rape that his wife endured by their master. What started as a petty butler job for his plantation then winds up being a prestige job working as the butler of the White House under the President. Cecil embarks on a hard journey between family and work's challenges. He has to come to terms with the way the world is and has to fight a battle within himself to overlook choices his son's made in order to make a difference. Cecil realized in order for there to be change, he had to step outside his comfort level and not be content but rather make a noise and be heard. Cecil in the beginning doesn't understand his son Louis's decision to be apart of the "freedom riders" but soon many years later, he soon realizes his son was not making a mistake in wanting to stand for their rights but he was a "hero" because he was part of a movement that was written and told about many years later that impacted history.  Cecil loses his other son in war, and his wife Gloria dies the year President Obama gets elected. When Cecil made it a point that their wages were different and the lack of advancement within his job bothered him, it was because of him that blacks were able to have the same amount of pay and advancement within the White House. I won't tell too much more of the story, but I will add that in my opinion it wasn't about "blacks versus whites" , rather it was about "right versus wrong".  


My thoughts "so many people want change and not enough people are willing to be the change in fear of being different. We all want equal rights but none of us want to say it and be heard. Sometimes our country whispers in order to protect itself, because the person who yells becomes a target, but what no one understands is when you choose to whisper; you are choosing to not be heard, and to not be heard means you are choosing to be a slave" -Shay-lon Moss


"A slave didn't want to be a slave, a slave wanted to be free. To be free means to have a voice, to have rights and to have rights means you are a target because someone may not like you having rights, but being a target is the difference between being a leader and being follower. If you can't lead a herd then you better be good at choosing a leader"- Shay-lon Moss 


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