You will probably know if you happen to guess my age (well, I'm not too old enough) what anime generation I mostly crossed during my childhood days. If I proudly say I had the chance to watch those mecha beyond a fictional atmosphere as far from life on earth, watching those massive explosions like a big bang theory, then you will realize that my era would touch the VHS and Sci-Fi generation. If you only knew how enthusiastic I was whenever my grade school teacher dismissed us early and she neither gave us any assignments nor provided us the task to do the aftercare for the classroom, I would always rush myself to home to watch those after-school series, and yes, I came across with the largest fandom among the legends, the Toonami generation. You might think I spent most of my childhood days getting all over crazy with those people who will never exist in real life, but I wished they could and that was the silliest yet fulfilling thought I’ve ever made. I was not dominated by the world wide web during those times and I realized it was amazing to endure my excitement over 24 hours then wake up for another day for a single episode. My parents would even feed my addiction as buying those mini action figures in a cheap store, it was a simple yet big happiness in my childhood memories.

So now, let me share my top legendary anime series, in random order, I used to watch in my generation.


Popularly known as Ghost Fighter in the Philippine setting, it’s one of the highly viewed series as early as 1998 on Philippine television. How can we forget the ever so brave, the true fighter Yusuke Urameshi, better known as Eugene for us Filipino fans. Remember the sad event when the street-brawling delinquent Yusuke was hit by a car in the first episode, believing he can no longer be a part of the series throughout, and all of the sudden, he eventually came to life due to certain circumstance. I grew up watching this long run series with my brother, and I could still visualize myself how I spent most of my childhood life watching a 112-episode series which was broadcast 5 days per week on our local channel. Admit it or not, you did the signature technique “Rei Gun” with your perfect pose as a small brat, not once but countless times, believing it would target your playmates with a supernatural ability as Yusuke’s. Now you’ve grown up, it’s okay to laugh at those craziness you’ve ever made.


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a ninja? No, I’m not referring to Naruto’s determination to become a hokage, but the historical perspective of a true Ninja as Oda Nobunaga’s era. However, for Recca Hanabishi, being a loyal ninja means protecting the one whom he considers as a princess, his love interest in the name of Yanagi Sakoshita. I particularly love how the series starts off with a school life genre with a little splash of romance until at a certain point, it becomes more adventurous as Recca discovers that he possesses the ability to manipulate flame. One thing is for sure, you enhanced your intelligence in memorization at early age while enumerating the eight flame dragons of Recca. If it would be a part of your grade school exams, then you could be the most outstanding student. This is also one of those series I used to look forward after school hours. I wouldn’t want to skip the first scene of an episode, and much more, I wouldn’t want to miss the very nostalgic opening theme Nanka Shiawase.


I believe I can fly. That was one of my wishes whenever I watched the extraordinary, the legend of all legends, Son Goku together with his friends. I also believed that there could be dragon balls around in real life to fulfill my wishes. I know I was that stupid kid to have those thoughts, but Dragon Ball Z was the one who taught me how to become stronger when struggle arises in any aspects of life, though it will result to pain or death. I idolized Goku for his heroic actions, his hardships during a battle and his determination to save the earth. While all of these positive things are true to him, Goku is considered the greatest hero among classics. I could even boost up my appetite with his gluttony which makes him an entertaining character. It’s quite funny how I realized how exaggerated the battle mode of the series has portrayed as brutal knockouts, explosion all over the lands, or even the whole atmosphere would explode in just a single blink of an eye. In the year 2011, I tried re-watching the series, both DBZ and DBGT, and once again hooked up, almost slept at an early dawn. I can’t just tolerate the just-one-more-episode problem as a certified anime enthusiast, can I?


It’s not only superman who can eliminate those forces of evil as we have always thought as a kid, but it’s also amazing to know that women can be useful in saving the whole universe, and that’s the case of the first shoujo anime I watched, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon or better known as simply Sailor Moon. Do you still remember how you acted like the silly yet compassionate Usagi with her popular line “I am Sailor Moon! I stand for love and justice. In the name of the Moon, I will punish you! and I know you felt like the greatest heroine, or the sexiest either, during those days, and so did I. Nowadays, non-anime fans, who share the same generation as I am, might think that watching Sailor Moon is something that only a little gal should watch due to its classical concept of magical girls fighting over evils. I will never be ashamed if someone asks me if I still love Sailor Moon with my age because nostalgia is something that should be treasured in our soul.


Five young gorgeous-looking guys? If you haven’t encountered them, then you surely missed half part of your childhood life. They are the pilots of those gigantic well-equipped suits in the outer space. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing deserves to be the most legendary mecha anime among the generation. As a 90’s little girl, I was not into buying items like transformers and other robot stuffs as my brother has been a fond of them, however, I randomly bumped into a TV channel where Gundam Wing was ongoing which caught my attention. Of course, I got bored at first but watching interesting characters gave the series a pull off to the top. I was too young to be in love with a fictional character, and I’m not referring to the overrated Heero Yuy, but the cool-looking, long haired, braided, Duo Maxwell. Did you know I often used “Shinigami” as my username around the web because it’s Duo’s alias? Modern anime fans would often hear the word in the popular anime series Bleach, and some of them do not even know how Duo Maxwell has owned the name throughout the generation.

After mentioning my bittersweet longing from my memories, I just realized I wanted to go back to those wonderful days, those classical moments I experienced with fictional characters. It’s quite sad that everything has faded away. But no worries, I can still rewatch them whenever I want. How about you? Do you want to share your nostalgia?

Published by K Shim