Over the last few years legging has become a part of everyday fashion. Particularly for young girls. With this current fashion trend however, has come controversy. With the new school year arriving Facebook and news websites have exploded with articles about little 9-year-old girls being humiliated and placed into in school suspension because what they are wearing is a “distraction”.

Imagine, a 9-year-old being sexualized in such a way that the comfort of her male classmates and teachers become more important than her education. While women have been oversexualized since the beginning of time with the new rise in leggings it seems to become more and more of an issue.

Every year girls are sent home for dressing “inappropriately”. When this happens the message is sent that their male classmates’ education is more important than theirs. Because God forbidden a girl dress for comfort instead of overall appeal.

The opinion of some is that women should never wear leggings as pants especially fat women. I have been told multiple times by family members, strangers on the street, and society that I should not wear leggings. However, as my confidence has grown over the last two and a half years I’ve come to realize that no one can own my body accept me.

Since making recovery from my eating disorder a priority in my life I have lived in leggings. Both for comfort and because they’re cute. They not only allow me to relax but also shows off my curves which is something I have tried to hide from since I was as young as the age of ten.

When I first began wearing leggings in treatment I was insecure and felt as if everyone was scrutinizing me. However, once I realized that my fellow patients hardly noticed and were too preoccupied with their own struggles I began to enjoy my new found fashion trend.

Some people also think that if one is to wear legging their shirts must be long enough to cover their rears. This is not true and one should wear whatever top they wish with leggings! Wearing legging with crop tops, t-shirts, dresses! Dress to your comfort and don’t be afraid of how your body looks.

Leggings also come in a variety of different patterns which makes it easy to wear as pants. One of my favorite all time leggings that I wore until their unfortunate death by holes in the crotch was a fun black and nude striped pattern. I wore these weekly throughout my stay in treatment and even helped me through a very hard trial.

One day during an outing to a grocery store with some fellow patients we were posed with the challenge of picking out an afternoon snack. The other patients and I decided as a group that we would challenge ourselves by picking a sweet treat. As we were heading to the checkout line a worker at the store made a comment. It was meant to be funny but to a group of eating disorder patients it was humiliating.

“Think you have enough sweet girls? Planning for a girl’s night?”

As we retreated to the car I took comfort that I at least looked good in my leggings. Had I been wearing something I feel insecure in for instance a dress or shorts it would have made everything much worse.

Clothes have power but not as much as we as people do. When we realize that and learn to look past our outer appearance that’s when we can truly grow.

Published by Rachel Taylor