Life on the foreign shores teach us lot of undefined lessons. While experiencing daily course of action at a home away from home, several interesting adventures and unexpected events cross our path quite often. Completion of yearlong course on such a foreign land has prompted me to introspect about this route.

     Comparing novel experiences at a different place with those back home, thinking about native soil while walking on a foreign track, adjusting to uniqueness while rejoicing at the similarities and experiencing cocktail of emotions while hoping for a smooth journey have all combined into a wonderful phase so far.

   Every passing day in this eventful year ensured the delivery of sweet and sour moments. Happiness of starting a new phase of life with an understanding life partner coupled with the sorrow of being miles away from home was nothing less than a remarkable period of life. As I look back at those past memories, I realize that its power can impact my future. While adjusting to a new style of life was a tough task in itself, two relocations within the same duration proved to be an advanced curriculum of knowledge.

     Juggling between foreign soil, resettling of houses and marital novelties made me realize that life is programmed for constant changes. Patience, trust, faith and understanding are the essential companions needed for a smooth transaction. While these experiences appeared difficult and fearful at that very moment, they seem like wonderful chapters of a book today. It opened my perspective towards influence of circumstances in life. Set against the backdrop of uncertainties, life can take us through unexpected turns along the path.

        Experience in a different country has taught me to open up and expand my horizon. A self-confessed introvert, while it was difficult for me to connect and make new friends back on the home grounds, this stint has ensured the urge of building a strong network. As my world was limited to few people and restricted environment back then, experiences like these brought me closer to the world around. Meeting people of different nationalities, knowing about their cultures, observing their daily course of life and sharing thoughts with them was truly rich, informative and interesting at the same time.

   While staying within the ambiance of comfort zone provides peace and stability, cocktail of adventures in a far-away place teach us the real essence of life. At times, a strong push into an unknown environment is all it takes to empower us with essential lessons for life. As I began to explore novel places around, I was able to benefit from their wide range of offerings.

    This experience has inspired me to experiment, analyze, contemplate and evaluate every decision before the final nod. While networking and building contacts for work, I was amazed to look at my transformed self. Belief in the thought that happiness takes birth within our own control has motivated me to seek joy during every novel act.

      As the journey continues further, this course of 365 days will tag along to offer some of its guiding lessons. While staying away from home has its own shades of black and white, it does offer valuable teachings that can last for a lifetime. Teaching values of independence, open-mindedness, flexibility and connectivity, I am grateful for this interesting experience so far.

      Looking forward to the path ahead, hope these lessons from a foreign land fill my book called ‘LIFE’. 

Published by Lavanya