How many times do you find yourself caught in a struggle where you can’t seem to find resolution that lasts? Maybe it’s an addiction or a relationship with a loved one. You try everything you can think of and never get the satisfaction that your heart is looking for. That’s because your desires come with emotions that cloud your ability to hand that struggle to God. He is the only one that knows how to truly fill the void in your heart designed to fit Him perfectly. If you let God fight your battle, you won’t have to fight that battle again. Our God is a God of completeness. Along with His resolution He will impart the wisdom to see other struggles from a better vantage point, closer to His. It’s when you fight under your own power that you find yourself hopeless and exhausted. Hand the struggle and pain to God and take up His yoke. Let Him walk you through your battles to the resolution He has waiting for you. (Matthew 11:30)  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Published by Thomas Hopkins