We do love having pets. Who doesn’t love having dogs and cats, roaming all around the house, spreading those positive vibes and happiness? The chaos they create at times is adorable too. All things accepted but nobody wants to see them loitering around moving here and there littering those expensive carpets, cushions, sofa sets, beds, right?

Many people love animals and the idea of being around them but still scare away from owning them as they do not want o spend their days cleaning carpets, wiping floors and rooms.

Animals cannot be blamed for this mess too as they are totally unaware of the fact that how this can create a problem for the owners. 

But, now you need not worry about it and if you wish to own a pet you definitely can, all you need is to introduce yourself to the latest technology that science has to offer. Wish to know what we are talking about? A “LITTER KWITTER”.

But, do you even know what is it?

It is an animal training kit that can help your pet use toilet instead of those regular litter boxes. Now, the next question that might have risen in your minds must be, Who is going to clean these up?

No, not you!

You need not empty these boxes as these do not need any cleaning.

Imagine these self-help litter kwitters, needing no help of yours to get cleaned. No more need to first roam around in your houses looking for animal litter and them wiping them off, scratching them off the floors and carpets then using the really heavy litter bags to dump the litter.

All you need is to train your pet for a while and they will take things forward from there. The Litter Kwitter comes with the instruction journal that will help the owners to understand how to help their pet use it. The cat litter training system is a unique product that you have to purchase for your beloved pet so that it can uses as a regular household toilet.

An Interesting Cat Fact

Cats have smart survival instincts. After they litter they always cover it with a layer of soil or something so that their presence cannot be felt by predators around. Really smart? Huh!

Once your cat gets habitual to the usage of Litter Kwitter, the litter would be covered by water in the pan which will suppress the odor. And, when the cat would not be able to sense the odor then your cat will be more satisfied. You get a step by step instruction DVD and fully illustrative and colored manual that will explain you how to make your cat habitual to it and its use. On an average a cat will take minimum 2-3 weeks to learn how to use it. It is also dependant on how regularly you are monitoring your pet. The more you monitor your cat and train them, the sooner it will learn.

The litter kwitter will modify your cats behavior and habits. It will help your cat aim directly into the toilet seat. No need to fear the bad odor in your living space. Also, the Litter kwitters are environment-friendly so all those looking for environment secure options can now be happy knowing this wonderful feature. The litter set or system supports and works just fine with the cats’ survival instincts. Do not worry if your cat is heavyweight as the sturdy material will easily take up the weight.

Do not worry buying anything extra as no extra tools are required to set this up.

Easy self help DVD for instructions is available with the set. With larger holes in the centre the litter kwiitter would not allow litter to spread and come out.

Important Instructions

Not for kittens which are younger than 3 months as they might end up falling into it. If your pet has any kind of mobility issues than do not let them use it on their own.

In case you are nursing a baby or you are pregnant do not purchase it without consulting your physician. Although it is safe and avoids odor and litter but still the germs that get accumulated in it could be harmful for a mother and the child.

Also keep it away from toddlers. They must not be left around it as it is dangerous for them. They might catch an infection.

In cases like these, doctors’ advice is highly recommended.

Published by Devjeet Singh