Most people define happiness as a feeling that is caused by an external condition. I’am happy because I have a lot of money or I have a great relationship with my partner. These are just some of the  common things that makes people happy.

When you take away these conditions or if these condition don’t manifest. A person may feel incomplete and unhappy with his life.

In Buddhism temporary happiness is not true happiness. True happiness is not dependent on external factors. Happiness is when you have realized the futility of chasing happiness. Happiness that is dependent on external factors are not true happiness but a suffering in the making because conditions changes in time.

Learning to be content is happiness. Learning to love without expecting in return is happiness. Learning to control once desire and emotion is happiness. Learning to accept change is happiness.

Realizing these things can only begin when you have suffered enough. Words don’t teach anyways. Some may hear the words but the the temptation of pleasure and the wild activity of the mind makes it hard for us to find peace. It takes great will to discipline our  mind but if you are able to then maybe you might see that happiness that was always within you.

Published by Chris Dela Cruz