Don't we all just sometimes wish we could break free and fly away? Thinking on these terms, I came up with this poem. Do share your thoughts on it below in the comments!!

Spreading about my wings, I could see the earth,
Rising above the horizon, I feel like a new birth.

The green grass looks like it just opened its eyes,
Murmuring to themselves, slowly as dew on them dries.

The wind blows over them as if whispering slowly,
To each blade of grass, wishing it sweet morning softly.

The little flowers dance about, swinging happily,
As though playing among themselves joyfully.

Breaking away from the shackles, I need to end this,
I have to see the world, I needed to live in bliss.

The colorful rainbow, the extravagant meadows,
The sunflowers, tulips, orchids and roses in rows.

The gurgling and gossiping streams and rivers,
Spreading the word around and covering all with glitters.

Make me fly, O wind, take me away with you,
Show me the world,let me live anew.

I ain’t born to be enclosed or encaged, imprisoned,
I am meant to live, to fly and miles to ascend.

I am meant to go beyond your thoughts and imaginations,
I am meant to live and love beyond your restrictions.

I am your soul, your inner self, your spirit,
I am meant to be enriched and developed, not left decrepit.

Take care of me, lest I leave your body and go,
I am born for the zeniths, not stay low!


Published by Syeda F R