Hello everyone!
I have a special offer for you… yes, YOU! I'm willing to write a limerick for you! It will represent the style and content of your choice (i.e., you can decide what it's about, how clean and dirty it is, etc.)
How do you sign up for this? Simply follow my profile on mytrendingstories.com! Visit my profile to see if you like my stuff (https://mytrendingstories.com/en/profile/nick-edinger/) If you want to see more, click the "Follow" button under my byline for this article- which requires you to make an account, of course. You'll receive updates for quality essays about books and creativity! After you follow me, I'll message you and process your limerick request.
Here's a link to my previous poems so you know that I'm good at what I do: https://wordsaladspinner.wordpress.com/category/poetry-2/
All the limericks will be posted on October 3rd, and they will all link to your profile on the website.
To build a successful community,
don't pass this poetic opportunity!
I make five-line musings
on ideas of your choosing,
and my rhymes are perfect (well, usually).

Message my MyTrendingStories profile if you have any questions!

Published by Nick Edinger