It’s a common misconception that a horoscope tells the future. Well in some cases it can do just that, but more than that a horoscope is a guide. It can provide some advice on how you should live your life, or from what point of view you should take on things and tasks. So if an astrologist ever gives you an advice that makes no sense at all in you mind, then it probably doesn’t. Thrust yourself and move on to the next astrologist. The stars can affect your life in many ways, but most of them are subtle, pointing a vague light on the good path for you.

According to Wikipedia astrology is about the movement and position of the stars relative to you, and how this will affect and play a role in your life. Sounds a bit far fetched for some perhaps, but why? What is certain is that all things really are connected, the degree of connection is harder to agree on. Another thing certain is that astrology has been present in the life of some of the smartest and most intelligent people for thousands of years! It’s just the last couple of centuries astrology and astronomy have gone their separate ways. So don’t be afraid to let astrology be a part of your life, you are not alone.

Horoscope charts, waypoints to a better life

What can be improved in your life? What do you need help to do? You don’t have to think big even if the stars ready to guide you are a thousand times bigger than the sun! And exactly that is an approach to astrology that has been trending the last couple of years. People are now decorating their homes with the help of a horoscope! They are choosing their new car based on astrology. Some do it just because it’s a trend, but we see that more and more are interested in both getting their horoscopes and learning about astrology.

What can you do?

So, were to start? If you are a spiritual person, and you are interested in astrology and other similar subjects, I suggest you start by browsing the web. First read up on the boring stuff to get the facts right, then read blogs and articles about people relating to astrology in their everyday life. Find inspiration to how you can integrate astrology in your life. You can also find free horoscopes all around the web. Read them, be sceptical as a horoscope should be set for one person to hold any value. But still you can use them to learn how to interpret this kind of guidelines into your life! And then you should focus on who YOU want to trust making your charts. Or perhaps you already are in so deep that you want to learn how to set up a horoscope yourself!

I would also very much like to recommend two of my favourite books on astrology. The first one is “Astrology for the Soul” by Jan Spiller. This book will show you how astrology can be a guide to unravel your talents or find a potential love partner. And it is truly an enlightening and insightful book that made a big impression to me personally. The other book I’d like to recommend is “Essential Astrology” by Amy Herring. Here you find the step by step introductions you need to get started. And this book certainly will take you far enough for you to know were to proceed on your own afterwards!

Have fun with Astrology!

This is an advice I cant stress enough, bring joyful things into your life, take things step by step! If you are the person to achieve the world in a day, go ahead, but if not, don’t be afraid to take your time and let this ancient science be a part of who you are and your life in a natural way!

Published by Calida Jenkins