Have you ever thought about “why” you do things? All decisions you take. Are they the right ones? Have you ever failed? Why? What did go wrong?

I dare to say, that we get wrong when we don’t pay attention or are not trained enough to listen to our own instinct.

When you have to take an important decision, or take a determined position, your heartbeat talks to you. When you are near to “your one”. The one. Your radar goes crazy, and your blood runs faster.

Conditions, prejudices, fears, other’s opinions, society…. what do all of them have to say?

We all are born with a concrete nature. Something, a strong feeling beating hard in our veins. You have needs to be fed. Hunger to be quenched. A fire to be strictly controlled. Only, through discipline and self-knowledge you can take full control of your emotions and make your inner wolf grow to an unsuspected size.

Forget about others. Forget about conventionalism. Forget about anything that doesn’t come from your animal self-protection and guide.

Are you lost? Are you confused? Sit down, close your eyes, and let your own lion guide you. Look for what you naturally need, look what you’re aching for. Look for something that makes you tremble, makes you shake in hunger and passion.


Published by Mar G.-Amorena