Amidst the loneliness of the sea, lies a majestic lighthouse on the shore. Still and majestic. The sea anxiously travels as far as it could. Then comes a time when it hits the shore, only to realise that a sumptuous lighthouse stands there to guide them all. The sea playfully notices all the ones who are wandering, only to realise that they are all lost. The lighthouse stands magnificently only to guide the ones who are unaware of their destination. Have you ever seen the lighthouse travel to the ships? No. The lighthouse waits for the lost ships and provides them comfort later when they go astray. That is a person you should aim to become in your life. Be a light to everybody. No matter what people do to you. You might come across people who were there for you only when they needed you. Let it be. All you should be is a lighthouse. Provide them the comfort they come seeking for. Give them the shelter they come looking for. And if they leave, let them go. It is not your job to hold them back. You were supposed to be the lighthouse of their journey. Guide their souls always and forever. Your only job is to put their misery to rest and to put that positive thought into their mind. Do not worry if they act upon your word or not. Stay still and comforting, only to put their chaos at rest. 

All the lighthouses out there, let your light shine. And keep it shining forever. Think of those lost souls, wandering purposelessly around who will need yours to keep their light alive. 

Published by Aprajita Gupta