I'm Sammy, I've just turned 20 and I look around 12 years old. Seriously. The other day someone asked me if we'd broken up from school for summer and I felt too bad to correct them, so I just sort of went with it. I am an actor, so perhaps if I get another schoolgirl role I can class it as method acting...

That little paragraph in itself has given you insight into what I'm like - I never shut up. Seriously, give me an opportunity to talk for a year and I'll seize it by the horns and ride it into the horizon. Not that I'm necessarily always talking sense. Sometimes it can be complete and utter bollocks.
Scratch that. Most of the time.

Anyway, serious face on now - I'm so honoured and thankful to be posting on here. My little blog (flummmmoxed.wordpress.com) was just something I was doing for fun, never really told anyone about it or published it anywhere via my social medias, it was just an outlet for me to babble on.
And I've been given another! Can't really complain, can I?! Nah, I'm well happy.

I mean, I'd offer an explanation of the sort of posts you can expect from me, but in all honesty, I just sort of roll with it. It took me ages to make a blog and actually stick with it.

You see, most blogs I'd looked at had a really good theme, something they were brilliant at: be that beauty bloggers, fashion, travel, food... And I just couldn't seem to find mine. Then I just sort of started writing about whatever and the ideas came flooding, pouring down on me like the British rain in summertime.

Anyway, back to me introducing myself (being cheeky and using a bit of my intro from my blog to help me out)...

I’m Sammy, I’m an actor and love anything to do with acting, enjoy writing and run on a daily basis.

I have an obsession with sweets, Hallowe’en, Harry Potter and banana milkshakes. I reckon it’s always important to have a sense of humour, my favourite colour is definitely purple and, if we’re talking favourites, my favourite number is 24.

Always want to be in the sea, love daydreaming and I own an Iron Man costume – the first thing I bought with my own money. Priorities. I love crossword puzzles and my favourite time of year is winter.

If you put me in a town/village give me five to ten minutes and I will have located and entered the sweet shop and/or found a pick’n’mix somewhere. When it comes to penny sweets, don’t underestimate me.

Love a party, cocktails are my poison and one of my favourite things to do is go to the cinema.

Love going to the cinema on my own as well, actually… Although going to see Fifty Shades of Grey all on my lonesome wasn’t the best idea I’ve had – makes for a great story, though. Me, sat at the front of the cinema, snuggled up with my popcorn and loneliness with a screen-full of couples. Some sort of metaphor, perhaps? Kinda hope not.

I love the morning, so much so that I wake up at a ridiculous hour. Seriously. Ridiculous. But then again, pretty sure I heard on QI that people who sleep for 4 hours a night live longer or something? Not sure.

Maybe I’m an insomniac.

Or a vampire.

Bite u later xoxo

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