Traveling is the only ways through which a person can forgets about distressing life and lead the happier peaceful life. Majority of the people prefer going for tour and travels in their free time. If you also want to go for the short adventuring experience to have the memorable and delightful moment then you must go for the tour of Great Buddha Hiking Trail along the mid Mountain Mahabharata range of 8000-9000 ft of breathtaking Nepal.

Buddha Hiking Trail 

The attention-grabbing hiking trails allow travelers to discover the Nepal’s all Buddhist holy places. While moving along the trails, hikers will also discover the famous and must-visit sights of very popular tourist destination. They will explore the place where Guru Padma Sambhava meditated, Manju Shree formed Swoyambhunath stupa, kaal chakra puja was built, Buddha takes birth, and many more.

Buddha Trails - The Best Choice for All the People

The Buddha hiking trails are perfect for Buddhist as well as non-Buddhist sports aficionado all across the world to visit Kapilvastu and Lumbini. The participants experience every feel such as enjoyment, adventure, tranquility, and soul peace with near and dear ones. So, it would be the best idea to enjoy the hiking and sightseeing during pleasant weather. Don’t forget to carry high quality walking shoes for extreme comfort.  

Published by Angela Smith