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Well, London is a very beautiful city, some people think that it's boring, and some people don't like London, but I think that it is because they haven't went to London, this city is more than just the Big Ben, The Tower Bridge and The Piccadilly Circus, there are so many places to visit, if want to go shopping there are mo places in this city like the Carnaby Street, the Oxford Street, they are so different, the Oxford Street has the big stores that are in a lot of countries and the Carnaby Street is the opposite of that. If you just want to exlplore the city, you can go to Notting Hill, which is a large Neighborhood whit a lot of beautiful color pastel houses, or you can go to the London Eye, or to the Big Ben too!

London is an amazing city! Soon I'll make another post about London beacause in this one I didn't explained all the awesome things about this city.

Hope you like it! :)

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