Just as Leon hinted, he took John to his old house. It's been many years that John has set eyes on this place. The house was broken down and full of spider webs. “Leon what are we doing here Leon?” asked John. Leon decides not to answer. He rather takes out his bow and arrow. He aims to what is left of a door and shoots it.

    “Are you mental?!?” John shouted.

    “No… But we can be…” said with an evil smile. What is going on in that boy’s head, John asked himself. “Come on father, let's burn these memories here! Release some anger! The house is already in ruins. So why not? Even the Non-stoppable John can be a free spirit...”

    John started to see his crazy idea actually make sense. John took out his bow and arrow. He started to aim and shoot for the house. With the first arrow hitting the house, it already felt relieving. He takes many more shots to the house along with Leon. “That's for the pain. For the nightmares. All the early morning training sessions! All the skipped meals because of missed targets!” John started to feel more rage as throws the bow down. He started to pick up small rocks and throw at the house. “When you made me kill at age 8! When you took the child out me! You destroyed me! You made me lose mother!”

    John falls to his knees tiredly, feeling the anger he released. Even anger couldn't bring him satisfaction. Tears started to flow from his face. Leon sits next to him on the ground. “I was only 7 when my mother left. She couldn't take it any longer. She was tired of yelling, the beating… She was tired of the beatings that she left us for him to beat on. I'm so mad at her, but I can't blame her.”

    John takes another glance at the arrowed house. “Let's burn it,” he suggested.

    “Um, what?” Leon questioned. “When I meant go mental, I didn't mean that far…”

    “Why not? This house is already in ruins. Come on, even the legacy can be a free spirit,” said John as he used Leon’s words against him. Leon smiles at John’s rebellion. Causing harmless havoc with John sounded like the best fun.


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