Okay, so, when I was younger I quite liked creating creepy art. I grew up watching horror movies and crime shows. I’ve seen every episode of SVU and Criminal Minds. My favorite horror series was and is Freddy Krueger’s series. My favorite movie growing up as a kid was Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Stephen King will forever remain as one of my very favorite authors ever. My favorite genre of book, movie, and TV show: Horror/Suspense/Thriller. My favorite holiday is Halloween, I have a knack for writing and drawing my own unique horror stories and pieces. I love watching B-rate horrors in my spare time and I am going to attend my first horror convention this year. My point is that I love horror everything and sketching creepy art like the stuff below was my absolute fave thing to do.
189907 208769629139751 89968 N by WhyYesIamaMoonchildAnother Sketch By Lilmsart-d3i1i30 by WhyYesIamaMoonchildTaylor Taught By Lilmsart-d3jstwu by WhyYesIamaMoonchildHaunted Asylum By Lilmsart-d3ht5j1 by WhyYesIamaMoonchildChucky By Lilmsart-d3ht6w5 by WhyYesIamaMoonchild
The reason why I quit drawing art like this is for two reasons.
One: I was told multiple times that a nice girl like me shouldn’t draw creepy things like this or creepy things at all. Because if you drew creepy stuff like this and your were a girl you had to be covered in tattoos, have face piercings, wear all black, and/or “claim” to have a mental disorder such as depression. So, I did my best to fit that mold. In junior high I wore a lot of black, had a piercing, and a tattoo. Given, I was a pre-teen struggling with a mental disorder I didn’t know I had along with dealing with crazy, changing hormones. But anyhow, I was told in junior high I should dress in more color, ditch my eyebrow piercing, and cover up my tattoo when I went into high school or no one would like me. So, again I tried to mold to what I was told and dressed in more color, took out my piercing, and covered up my tattoo all the time. And I quit drawing creepy things even though I loved to because “nice girls shouldn’t draw creepy things”.

Two: In high school I had a little crush on this funny, red-headed boy. One day, a very, very good friend of mine at the time pulled me aside and told me I could not be with that boy because I am not religious. I think it’s important to note that the only reason pretty much that I’m not religious is because I didn’t grow up that way. My mother was raised Catholic but broke away to follow her own beliefs at an adult age. My father was moved in and out of foster homes until he was 18 where he then was in and out of jail and prison before figuring his life out and becoming the amazing father he is today. So, my father was never in a stable place long enough to become religious. My parents have always told my siblings and I that we are welcome to choose our own beliefs and they will support us in whatever we choose. I personally believe faith and religion is beautiful (besides all the crazy extremists) and if it gives you something to believe in then believe in it. Whatever gets you through the day. Anyways, she told me because I wasn’t religious he would never date me. I get it. I have a tattoo, I’ve had a piercing before, I love creepy stuff and I’m not of his religion. But she made it sound like I was a bad person and just plain out stupid for thinking we’d ever work. I was told that the “type” of boys I should like should have piercings, tattoos, and basically fit into the mold I was suppose to fit into. Talk about being taught to be shallow. But I did my best to change who I was even more in order to fit her and his mold of the perfect person and that meant giving up on my love of creepy stuff pretty much altogether.

**I feel it’s important to note that I didn’t swear until I was 19, I didn’t/don’t drink, I didn’t/don’t smoke, I didn’t/don’t do drugs, I was/am nice to everyone, I try my hardest to be a hard worker and positive polly but because I didn’t follow a religion I was all of a sudden a bad person–not even that. I was just a worse person than them (my friend and others whom are judgmental that I’ve encountered).

BUT I have decided to start drawing creepy stuff again because I am an adult and I can like what I want damn it! No, actually it’s because I want other girls and boys told to act a certain way to break away from the mold they’ve been put in and just do you, boo. I am a 20 year old girl who loves creepy and hella cute stuff. I’ve been told I’m a sweetheart on many occasions. I wear lots of color and lots of black, I have five (soon to be six) tattoos and I want more, and I am going to draw what I want to draw and write what I want to write even if no one likes it. You shouldn’t let society dictate who you are. Be yourself and happiness will follow.

Published by Skyler Winder