So, I work as a caretaker for the mentally/physically handicapped. I have three clients and all of them are very religious which has never been an issue until I got this new tattoo. I got my tattoo before this last one when I was working with my clients as well, but for some reason this kind of issue has never come up before. I have six tattoos now and had two when I began working for them. I think maybe the difference is that my three first tattoos are really not visible. I don’t wear tank tops often and so they are almost always covered. But my last three are lower on my arm where they are clearly visible. However, like I said before, my last tattoos didn’t bring up this issue. But anyways, to the incident.

I came into work with my new tat and immediately one of my clients started in that I am going to hell because now I am “unclean”. In my line of work and with the company I work they ask you to do your best to refrain from sharing our opinions with our clients clearly because our clients gather opinions from others and so their opinions often aren’t their own. Also, everyone has a right to their opinion so it’s best to let them just voice it and not to fight with them. So, I just smiled and nodded trying to avoid a confrontation and did great. I got off, went home, no problems. Everything was ay-okay until I ran across a Facebook page completely dedicated to tearing people with tattoos down. The page was hilariously inaccurate about people with tattoos and quite laughable but I decided to do some research and see how many I Hate Tattoos sites are on Facebook. Tons. Of course. That’s a no brainer. There’s Facebook sites for just about everything. But what amazed me is that people were so ignorant about people with tattoos.

If you don’t like tattoos that’s fine. I personally don’t like gages. No biggy. I am not by any means mean or judgmental towards people with them. In fact, a nasty thought never even enters my mind when I see someone with gages because that’s what they like. I have plenty of friends who would never even think to step into a tattoo parlor. My younger brother doesn’t ever want one despite our dad being a tattoo artist. He just prefers not to have them. No biggy. Whatever.

HOWEVER, I feel the moment you attack a certain group of people like people with tats, piercings, disabilities, those of a different skin color, a different sexuality, a different gender, etc. then it is no longer an opinion. There is a fine line between an opinion and verbally attacking someone. Telling someone that has tattoos that they are a druggy, abusive, etc (these are actual things owners of these I Hate Tattoos pages were calling people like me). And it’s not even a stereotype. Tattooing has been around for centuries. It’s not like “criminals” started tattooing. Tattooing been practiced across the globe since at least Neolithic times. There’s evidence of mummified preserved skin, ancient art, etc. all depicting tattooing. The stereotypes come around because “criminals” usually have tattoos I guess? Or because maybe religious people don’t get tattoos usually so we’re weeded out and judged for it? But I hate to think all religious people are going to single me out just because I have tattoos. Because not all religious people are like that. And some of the comments I get for having tattoos come from people who are not religious. So, I don’t know, but my point is that if you want a tattoo make sure to do the research first and be prepared for judgment. And if you still want a tattoo after considering everything, do it. Don’t let people deter you from it and don’t let judgment fill your head with doubts. Just don’t do it and do it if that makes sense.

Also, do not feel pressured to have some big sentimental meaning for why you have your tattoo. Two out of seven of my tattoos are just depicting my geekiness. No more meaning then that and no more meaning needed. If you like it and it’s honestly something you want on your body do it. Don’t let judgmental people drag you down and stop you from being you.

Published by Skyler Winder