The choker necklace is back in the fashion world again, and is as of now one of the strongest trends this year. Girls all over are dressing up as 90s flashbacks, and of course (as we all remember) the choker is a big part of that. We saw them on all the major celebrities during Coachella this spring, saying that the choker was the new festival accessory and the new flower crown; an indicator that the choker has come to stay, at least for a while.

The choker necklace has not only been a trend in the 90s, but go way back to ancient civilizations such as in Egypt, where they looked upon the necklace as protection for one of the most fragile and important body parts of the human body – the neck. Since then the choker has gone in and out of fashion, but reached a peak again (as we can see from paintings from that time) during the Renaissance. Being worn by royalty of the United Kingdom and Scandinavia in the late 1800s to around 1930, the choker was once again put on the map, but was soon to be marked as “out of style”. In the 70s, during the hippie time, the chokers reappeared in a softer, beaded version.

The next choker era to come was the already mentioned 1990s. Being associated with goth girls and a darker lifestyle, the choker can today seem like a tricky necklace to wear. Even though the choker can be the simplest piece of jewelry, often being just a ribbon like string on the neck, it has somehow become a very “heavy” thing to put on. In today’s magazines and such, you can find many examples on how to wear and incorporate a choker in your attire. As we have seen through the many eras of the necklace, there are many different styles and ways on how to wear it. Maybe you love a glamorous choker with some diamonds, like the way the royalty wore it? Or maybe you are more of a relaxed hippie in your choker choice? Nonetheless, if you choose to follow this reappearing trend, don’t be afraid to rock your choker!