If you consistently made someone function on only an hour or two sleep each night for weeks then it would be considered a form of torture. "I've not slept for days" would be a valid reason to call in sick for work. Unless you are a parent that is. When you're a parent it seen as just part of the job and something you have to get on with. 

The Bear has bought home a cold from nursery - a pretty common thing and no big deal. Unless you have a newborn. Newborn + cold = no sleep for mummy. The poor little man is struggling to breathe which means the second I put him down he's back up within 20 minutes. Last night I had 2 hours sleep in little 20 minute slots and wow do i feel it today!

So this is my mini guide to surviving newborn sleep deprivation. 

In the night: 

  • Find somewhere to feed that isn't too comfortable - I have a next to me crib but I still take Henry into his room to feed there as I am less likely to fall asleep. 
  • Consider co-sleeping - if you can do so safely then this has the optimum chance of sleep. The NCT guidelines are a good source of information. 
  • Use your phone - embrace the time and read a book, watch a film or use mummy groups on social media for some middle of the night company. 
  • Stay hydrated - keep a drink and some snacks handy wherever you feed, you'll need it to keep going!! 
  • Look at your baby - it's so easy to lose your shit when you're exhausted so gaze into that little face to remind yourself why you're doing it. 
  • Know it's only temporary - they're tiny for such a short space of time, this is just a phase and it will end and I can guarantee you'll miss the smell and squishiness of newborn snuggles once they're gone. 

The next day:

  • Coffee - lots of coffee and if you're breastfeeding then even decaffeinated will help a little. 
  • Sleep when they sleep - said a lot but true. Unfortunately only true if you don't have older kids. If you do, this goes out the window!
  • Get out of the house - there's a lot to be said for sheer momentum to keep you going. 
  • Take a shower - the world always feels a little better when you're clean. 
  • Use the people around you - if you can use friends, family etc to keep an eye on the baby and / or older kids as even a quick hour power nap can make a difference. 
  • Preparation for an early night - are there any jobs you usually do once the kids are in bed you can do in the day so you can get your head down as soon as possible come bedtime? 
  • Coffee - did I say that already?  It's worth repeating. Lots of coffee. And chocolate!  


This is what works for me, do you have any hints or tips to add?


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Published by Vicki Coombe