Dear Self,

Happy 25th birthday! You're a big girl now. Wooh! I never thought you'd come this far. 

I want you to know, when you're feeling down and blue, I'm here for you. And don't always argue with Mom, send her your message via texting (it always works). You see, things may not have worked out as you had planned when you were small, but great things take time; always remember that. 

You may not have  a college degree right now, but you'll get there. I know when you started out in college, your eyes were bright with hope, but you didn't know the roads which way to go. Miss Grey may have zeroed in on you and perhaps she thinks you cannot even write, but you're a great writer. You have come a long way. Just look at your blog and poems! One or two, but someone likes them; and you've got followers! 

I know you are not a poet at heart, you have always been an essayist. You never bought into poetry, not until now. And it's hard for you being poetic because you have always been an essayist. Don't try. Every writer has their own writing personality, and they are loved for that. Also, don't forget to write that book. Whether you get it published it or not, it will be an accomplishment for you. So one day, when you're gone, your loved ones will read your words and never forget you.

I also know you're single and it hurts your heart God took your only love away. You feel like God and the stars cheated on you, but don't you ever think that. You will not be alone forever. You will find him. And when you do, you will cry with your tears and never let go. 

Remember: you are worthy regardless of what people say. You will have your own tribe on the condition that you never change yourself; cos how can they find you? Always read back to this letter when you're thirty, forty-five or sixty; and remember you wrote it for yourself when you were 25, then you will remember. 

With love, your self

P.S. Never settle for anything less cos you WILL regret it.


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo