This post is not about fashion, lifestyle or anything like that. It’s deeper, and sometimes that’s just what people need. We are surrounded by things that aren’t as important as ourselves. I was scrolling on Twitter and found this guy, I know him actually, he’s not that much chatty in person but when I saw his feed I realized that he’s art. I’m talking about that kind of attraction you feel only with the good kinds of art, the master pieces. I can’t tell you how I feel about that person, only that his words, the unspoken ones drew me in just like a magnet. It’s weird, and I don’t even know the guy very much, is just that he’s so genuine, the kind of autenticity that not a lot of people have. I think that more than attraction is admiration what I feel, knowing that someone is able to be his true self, show his true colors, his soul, not a lot of people does that, me included. I guess that what I’m really trying to say is that we should treasure that kind of people. The ones that aren’t afraid of speaking. I’m sure they are all over the world. The kind of pounding that my heart feels as I’m writing this post is the way that people should make us feel, alive, excited, Isn’t that the point of life after all? 

Published by Miranda Hernandez