Im guilty of being a hardheaded child. Never wanted to listen what my parents have to say. My rules were my rules, I was never mild. I was learning….the hard way. I was a child, I must say!

But this so-called reality came. Entering the real world, deciding for myself was never easy. Such a shame.

Doing what makes me happy, or what is right? I was giving myself a hard time every night. My soulmate or the love of my life? (Pfft I’m too young for that, right?) Stressing over some petty problem, that’s just not me. Would I choose to be depressed, or let myself free?

Either way, my mind reminds me and never failed to say,

“If I have to repeat my lifetime, would I want this to happen again? If not, I’ll stop doing it then. I won’t have to rate my life decision from zero to ten.”

It’s just yes or no. Learning what to keep, and what to let go.

Published by Regine Faundo