I do not care if you are  man or a woman…I would love to have someone, anyone, identify a butterfly on the wing by its gender!  They do not live long enough to care!  So, butterflies have gender, but anyone but the butterfly has no clue about it.  It is a butterfly, and that is it.  And you, my dears, are each a butterfly, and you are free to fly!

So, if you are having a bad day, a bad week, or a bad life…Get over it, and Fly!  No one clipped your wings but you, and only you can pull back those wings and take off on a new adventure.

Give yourself enough love to fly off in any direction, but fly in some direction, right or wrong.  Once you are airborne, you begin to remember who you are…you are a butterfly and butterflies are free to fly.  They are meant to fly, and so are you.  Hate your job, begin to create a new world for you doing something else:  entrepreneurial or otherwise!  Hate your relationship, take wing and find someone who likes to fly where you are flying.  It does not have to be permanent, just let it be for the day or the moment or your life.  Just get the heck out there and fly again.  It does not take money; it takes spirit.  Your Spirit…  It is just like swimming or riding a bike–get in the water, get on the bike and it will all come back to you!  

 See you flying around…

Published by Janice Marie