I feel like I have life-ADHD. My attention span feels so short sometimes. Constricted. Choppy. Disjointed. I am noticing that this occurs on both a macro- and micro-level in my life.


On the micro-level, I think it is fairly common to have a short attention span today in the modern world. We are so bombarded with stimuli! The stimulation derives from the living beings in our physical proximity in the form of children, bosses, coworkers, friends, family, partners, and companion animals who demand our attention.


It also comes in the form of online content. Sometimes, I listen to a podcast, even one of my favorite ones, and suddenly, the compulsion to continue my health coaching training video overtakes me. Perhaps, it’s an impulse to read a blog post or check my email or watch a video on youtube. It’s nonstop. Sometimes I have no problem being present with online content, and other times, it is a total battle.


Of course, there’s even more subtle stimulation stemming from the food we eat, the electronics around us, the lighting overhead, the air conditioner blowing, and all manner of man-made appliances and chemicals we’ve created to make our lives simpler, cleaner, and safer. It’s a lot for a mind body spirit to handle!


Macro-level life-ADHD is even more complicated and overwhelming. It can result in a very choppy, all-over-the-place looking life. In my case, I have now lived in 8 different states, and I’m only 26, and was not an army brat growing up! I am grateful to have accumulated a diverse set of experiences, but my feminine nesting instinct--combined with a desire for cohesion and creating traction--urges me to stay put someplace awesome for a significant period of time. I thought that place would be Hawaii, but I even got antsy there! It’s hard not to judge myself retrospectively for leaving places prematurely. At the time, relocation didn’t seem premature at all! It is easy to beat oneself with hindsight.


So, what do we do when all we want to do is move and squirm and FIND THE NEAREST EMERGENCY EXIT pronto? We sit with it. We accept what is. We meditate. We breathe. We get in child’s pose, humbling ourselves to our higher power. I surrender!


This is what is happening right now, and I don’t have to love it or like it, but I am in it. Inhale acceptance. And while I’m in it, I ask God to help me grow and get on with whatever I am supposed to be doing here. I exhale the thoughts and desires to do something else, feel something different, or be somewhere else. I am here now.

Published by Taylor Norris