In keeping with my new life philosophy, I am taking a small step which will hopefully be a big step in my life and professional career. As it is my dream to become a Writer, it really is about time I start making some moves towards that.

During an unexpected meeting with a work colleague, I realized that I can start now. I can start writing now and I can start applying for writing jobs, now. What am I waiting for? I think all this time I was just afraid of putting myself out there. Afraid that my writing wouldn't be good enough or that even scarier, I wasn't good enough. But no more, this is my dream and I must pursue it or spend my whole life wondering what if.

So, my small step is that I have been working on a lifestyle blog. I hope that by writing about my life, its ups and downs that I will be able to connect with other writers, gain different writing opportunities, and inspire others like me. 

My personal blog is, 

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Published by Yahminah Abdunur