We often underestimate life and it’s potential.

The way it throws hurdles at us like it has some age old motive for revenge, or how at times everything just seems to crumble no matter what you try, or how a few days are the worst in every way possible - it is all a part of life.

Now, coming back to underestimating it, let us consider just a couple of good things.

Think about how each day you open your eyes to a whole new set of hours to build your future on, how you get to see the sun shining and feel it on your skin. How each day, you get a brand new chance to do what you couldn’t do yesterday, or to correct your mistakes. Does everyone really get that chance? Think about it.

Take a minute to remember all those people who made you smile. Even for a minute, even for just a moment. Even if it was some stranger passing by on the street. Isn’t it lovely how just a curve on the lips of someone, even a stranger, puts you in a better mood? All the people who smile when they talk to you or when they see you, isn’t their love some beautiful thing?

Imagine the potential life holds - if only few small things have such a huge impact. Imagine yourself actually using that potential to accomplish something you have always wanted to do, something you love and that makes you happy.

And believe me, if you use it wisely, eliminate the underestimation, you could move mountains with that potential. Maybe do even more.

Published by Sunny White