How is it possible to live minimally? I ask myself this on a daily basis as I trawl through post upon post about the benefits of living minimally and how it works. But for some reason, I cut down and before I have a chance to look around I have too much of everything again. It just seems like a vicious cycle. Too little. Too much. Too little. Too much…. It goes on.

But living minimally is much more than just living with the bare minimum, or so I’m told.

Who am I kidding? I’m a hoarder, and although I have read a lot about the minimal lifestyle, it is a total mystery to me. Maybe I’m not a hoarder to the same extreme as my aunt, who collects all manner of crazy and beautiful things (dead butterflies for a Damien Hurst inspired art piece for example – turns out if you don’t preserve them then they decompose…) I simply have a love/ hate relationship with stuff. I am happy to get rid of it, and I buy more. The cycle goes on.

v I recently moved back into my family home after a living arrangement didn’t quite work out, whilst I finish my degree and then get back on my feet. Collecting all of my things that were scattered between the two houses into one single room has spurred a much needed clear out! As well as this I re-discovered some of my favourite pieces, and reminded myself of the ‘style’ dream I’m aiming for.


Published by Hannah Young