As a Documentary Photographer, whenever i go out to document life of people with my lenses, I usually capture their Joy or Pain. But in the case of these women of Makoko settlement along Third Mainland bridge, Lagos-Nigeria, it is a mixture as they are joyous even in their pain.

These women who literally live on water strive to make ends meet and keep their families together. Paddling their canoes, they go meeting the fishermen on water to take the fishes to a Fish market in the settlement. Some go get firewood. Some do transport dredged sand from the ocean bed in canoes.

Some of them are either second or third wife to their husbands and everyone need to fend for their children when the man of the house is out to enjoy himself.

Some of them on the other hand have responsible husbands and couldn't watch him bear the responsibilities alone, hence, they support their husbands in this regard.

They live in a settlement where refuse dumps share premises with human beings. Mosquitoes have free reign at Makoko water front.

Published by Kayode Gideon Balogun