Choices and actions that seem to only go either left or right, right? At least that is what the voices of others tell me when conversation seems to just go one way or another:

"Be simple. Be kind. 

Be fun. Be wild, outrageous and don't mind others.

Like this. 

No, like that instead.

Try it, you'll love it. 

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Dump him! 

He's a nice guy, don't hurt him.

Do it! 

Don't do it, you'll regret it.

Think about it. 

Come on, just do it!

Follow your dreams and passions. Study the career that really interests you. 

Think about what suits best your future first. You can never go wrong with that."

Those are the voices of all those that surround me. Instead of serving as a guide, they all confuse my journey and actions. There's nights where thoughts flood my mind and  interrupt my peace. Doubts fire straight at me, my plans, and hopes. My dreams get cracked into pieces, and the small steps I've taken seem insignificant.

Then, on desperate times, this sweet and tender voice calms those hostile judgements of mine.

 So, no, thank you. Focus on you.

 I'll be who I want to be and decide on what I want to really do. Sometimes the road can lead other ways besides left or right, and it is up to me to decided what direction to take. I know I'm still in process of being, but people should know I'm not the best at following directions.


**This post previously appeared in my personal blog Simply.Fernanda.

Published by Fernanda Guevara