Carol Eddington

Life Coaching & Mentoring For Companies

Do you know the benefits of bringing a Life Coach into your business?

- Boosted Work productivity
- Happier employee's and employers
- Less sick days
- Higher motivation from employee's for promotion
- Having a life coach teach proven strategies to your employee's and management staff causes them to have a higher self-esteem, less fear, more motivation to become better, not for the pay-check but for the betterment of themselves.
- A life coach encourages employee's to continue a life coach journey which brings accountability which causes integrity
- Life coaches teach quality's such a humility, integrity and life skills
- Work place relationships will immediately improve
- And so much more

I Have been working as a life coach and public speaker for over 12 years with proven experience in seeing people radically change their lives with the keys and strategies to living successfully in all you do.
As written above, there are many benefits to bringing a Life coach into your place of business to speak into the lives of your management and staff. When you choose to empower the individual ,their purpose for coming to work changes. They develop a new lease on life and become better employee's as a result. Your managers will manage more effectively and learn to differentiate between fraudsters and the real deal.

If you are wanting to inspire, regenerate and motivate your staff to be full of zeal for life then be sure to contact me. I am available Mondays through to Saturdays 10am through to 10pm.
I would love to hear from you and come and teach life skills to those who serve your company or business.
Contact me on : 0421827366

Published by Carol Eddington