In a rush? Or do not have an iron box nearby at home or on our vacation and need to have ironed clothes to head out, here are sure shot ways you can have clothes ironed without an iron box. 

1. Straighten the clothes/collar with a hair straightner

Yes, a hair straightner can do the magic. It can be used as well when you have an ironed clothes and yet the collar seems to be not ironed or for those spots between the buttons. 

2.    Hot pot of water

Everyone has a steel pot. Boil water in it and when the water boils, spill it out. The hot bottom should be enough to remove them wrinkles in a jiffy. 

3. DIY Vinegar Spray as a professional wrinkle spray alternative

In case you don’t have professional wrinkle sprays or you don’t want to invest in them, simple white vinegar will do the trick. 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water in a spray bottle and mist the clothes. Then, just let it air dry. You’ll be happy to see that the ironing is that simple.

4.    Even a blow-dryer can do the magic

If you’re in a rush and realize your shirt is wrinkled, don’t panic. Instead, lay it out on a flat surface and run your hair dryer one to two inches over the front and back wrinkled clothing article. The wrinkles will disappear right before your eyes!

5. Put clothes in the dryer with ice cubes

Put your clothes in the dryer along with some ice cubes and let the dryer run. Once done, hang your clothes to dry and viola! your clothes are next to ironing. 

6. Roll and flatten the clothes and keep something heavy or tuck it beneath the mattress

This tip is specially useful when you are traveling and have no iron box handy. So you roll and flatten your clothes and tuck it nicely beneath the mattress and take it out after sometime to see a well ironed clothes.

7. Just after the laundry/wash, hang your clothes to dry or fold them to keep the clothe wrinkle free. Specially this can be done for those T-shirts. 

So, which are the other tips that you can share for this article, let me know. 

Until then,


Published by Su Srikanth