For anyone who knows me well enough, I am a person who has a lot of ideas, and goals. I’m the type of person who can come up with an elaborate strategy, and know how to execute it with little to no discrepancies, and I can also make quick decisions if a plan isn’t going exactly as originally predicted. For those of you who really know me, you’d know that I can often be lazy, unwilling, or generally too tired to really get going on a project. Those two behaviors sound very contradictory, however these are aspects of myself that make me who I am. As someone who loves to take on any new challenge, it can be pretty disheartening when I find myself losing motivation or dedication to a task. It can lead to a lot of self-deprecating behaviors that only hinder any further progress. With that being said, I figured that it was about time that I stopped with the laziness and started finding my drive again. In order to do so, I created some life hacks to help anyone who feels as though they’re stuck at a standstill. This post is being generated for anyone who has the mindset of a high achiever, but the habits of a sloth. I know these tips have helped me, so I hope that they help you all too!

Write it all down!

One thing that has definitely helped me so far is writing all of my goals on paper. I’m the type of person who comes up with a lot of different plans of action and ideas to the point where it can seem a bit overwhelming. When one feels overwhelmed, they are more likely to put off their project for later, rather than buckle down and get to work. When you write it down, you can then easily sort out all of your goals in a way that makes sense to you! Once that is done, your ideas will seem more realistic and manageable!

Turn theory into reality!

One of the biggest pitfalls of goal setting is getting too caught up in the hypotheticals instead of going out and taking action. Although it is good to plan and talk about your ideas, it is also important for you all to be able to change these plans into something tangible. A good way to do this, is to add imagery to your work. Get connected, get the conversation going, use pictures, travel, etc. Once your ideas become more than just words in your head, it can be easier to comfortable move towards your desired end result. Use this tip in tandem with writing it all down. Break your vision down into smaller milestones that are easier to reach. It’ll keep the momentum going, and make the impossible feel possible! The more real your vision is, the easier it is to attain. (This doesn’t mean limit yourself or your ideas, all I’m saying is to break your goals into smaller pieces that lead up to the big picture)

Talk it out!

We all need a little reassurance every now and again to keep the ball going. Once you start working towards your goal, you may encounter moments where you’ll feel as though progress isn’t being made. You’ll probably think that your idea wasn’t as good as you thought it was, which will cause you to lose energy and motivation. When this happens, know that talking it out to the people around you can really help to get your mind back on track. I have personal experience with this one, where I felt like what I wanted to do was just a waste of time. It wasn’t until I talked it out with multiple people that I realized that I wanted to do was something worth fighting for. You never know much people support your voice until it’s spoken.

Rediscover why you did this!

Sometimes when you’re working towards a goal, it is very easy to get caught up and forget the reason why you started working in the first place. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What’s your passion?
  2. Why are you doing this?
  3. What results do you want to see?
  4. What do you want to change?
  5. What inspired you to start this?

Finding the answers to these questions may very well reignite the fire you had before! It’ll bring a new freshness that’ll allow you to devote more energy to your tasks, and it’ll provide you with a focused mindset similar to the one that you had before.


Overall, it is very important to be able to always continue being able to reach for your goals. Experiencing feelings of exhaustion, stress, and worry are very natural processes, however if you can work on the steps above, you should be able to relocate your ambition to obtain the results you’ve always wanted to see!

If you have any tips or additions, feel free to leave them in the comments below! These are just things that have personally helped me out in times where I felt lethargic or unmotivated. Now get out there, and make those dreams come true!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Published by Keanu Jackson