Here I am, the night before I'm off for a one week camping trip around the UK, still with a billion things to do and 4 days left on the yoga challenge I wanted to finish. If it bothers me? - yes! Am I simply going to sit here and let it? - Hell-To-The-NO!

Bottom line is, the one thing we know for sure (except the dreary fact that we'll die someday) is that 'life happens'.... Whether you choose to make the most of it or not! I had a plan and, sure, it would've been great if things would've worked out. But, instead of doing yoga every day for the last thirty days, other things have crept up - a cold, drinks with friends, appointments etc. And, in all honesty, apart from the crappy cold, these have all been things that seemed more attractive to me at the time. 

Don't get me wrong, I do believe you have to put effort in to actually get somewhere, both in terms of work, health and fitness and relationships. But sometimes it's ok to be a bit impulsive and spontaneous and break the routine - because life, just like shit, happens!

Published by Agnes G