What is it in a person that can make her life sad or happy? It’s always been the question in everyone’s life. We choose our own destiny so it’s up to us whether we make our life miserable or not. If we make it miserable then we should face the consequences of our action and if we make ourselves happy then, yay we made the right decision to ourselves. But still we always make mistakes, everyone does and from that we learn from it, unless we repeat the same mistake over and over again until we finally realise after a couple of mistakes that we should have stop from there.  Some people knew that they’re doing the wrong thing but have a hard time doing what’s right and no matter how you keep trying to do what’s right, still we commit mistake. That’s fine, experience is the best teacher. 

We live in fantasy and hoping to meet our expectation. It’s not bad to fantasize but we should know our limits to it. Once the fantasy didn’t happen in reality that’s the time we get sad and sadness can turn into depression, disappointments, anger and some emotional feelings that can make us give up to our dreams. If you fall that doesn’t mean you have to give up. Try standing again on your own feet and be strong enough to move on and live your life. Whether we get those feelings, we shouldn’t be pessimistic because that’s how life works. Just accept the fact that life is not easy to live. You need to challenge yourself and see how far you can go. Eventually, time will come we will be able to achieve that goal if we work hard for it or if it’s meant to happen, we just need time and learn from mistake. Patience is a virtue as they say.

Remember, everyone is gifted in his or her own way either physically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally and so much more. Some are inherited and others are acquired. Nobody is perfect and everyone should know that. It matters on how you carry yourself to others. Not everyone is happy with what they have. You can be very rich but not happy with your life and you can be poor but happy with what you have. We cannot blame ourselves for being born rich or poor. Everyone knows about the saying that money isn’t everything. Though it’s very important part of our life to keep us going but always remember that money can’t make everyone happy, besides we cannot bring those money or any material things with us when we die. All those aspects in life are part of living on earth. You just have to accept what is given to you and be satisfied with what you have, maybe work hard if you want to reach that goal. No matter what, people never get satisfied. We always crave for more, not knowing that a simple, peaceful and happy life is enough to make us happy. Of course, we always dream big which is good but don’t dream too much where you’ve forgotten who you are and where you came from. Always know your limitation. Whether we reach that goal or not, always bear in mind to be humble in every way we can.

Published by Linear Coor