So today I decided to go out and have some time by myself. Its like I’m getting addicted to myself. As now I like to go alone outside like for hike or to hangout at some place. I went to Islamabad, I also had to get new earphones. After buying new set. My huge problem solved, music is something I can’t live without.

Earphones in. I went for a walk. It was around 6-7 pm. Winters. Strolling through the market. I realized that the place where we hangout often we do not observe many things which are just laying out there in front of us. Like some architecture, or some city spot. Today I found an ice cream shop, with a beautiful view from their sitting area. City lights felt like diamond to my eyes. As I sat there, listening to ” Flamingo Drive feat. Kristine – Strange World (FM Attack Remix) ”, thin light air touching my face, it felt like a touch of heaven. I realized that life hides in simple things. We are so much lost in our worldly problems that we forget to pay attention to our surroundings. That feeling was so supreme and genuine, like you can feel it in your soul.

When you start to discover yourself, you will find places in your city, sometimes even in your house that you’ve never been to!

  • Abdul Rehman Talat

Published by Abdul Rehman Talat