"Do not be prideful and seek after what you think you need with an undiscerning heart but restructuring your mind to develop a new way of thinking to enjoy life in Christ with a right foundation."

Mental Debauchery is often something that gets me entangled with the world around me and everyone who wants to pull me down including those within the church or even living a lifestyle of the fulfilled spirit syndrome, while they sit and wait for a chance to grab at what you are doing with lustfulness.

Here's my definition of these words:


"Mental Debauchery is the dwelling in and not knowing how to get through the mixture of all your troubles, your guilts, other peoples expectations and inconsistencies while allowing it to get the best of you through the eyes and voices of those whom you love."

Have you ever heard of the terms in song that I am going to take back what the devil stole from me? I am raising the reality to myself even to not allow people and God's walk to be a hindrance but to allow His word to give me the strength to find joy and peace in my life. 

God's going to keep us in line and the funny thing about it is that he usually doesn't do that by his word but often through the others within this world who enjoy the same things we do because we have forgotten what it means to walk as a friend in this world along side and with other people for life. 

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